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New Structure-Hangang

NO. Yeouido HAP18YF1004

New Structure-Hangang Kwon O Sang


New Structure-Hangang, 7,800(W) x 5,500(D) x 6,900(H)mm, 2018
  • Kwon O Sang
  • Education (Educational history)

    2004 Department of sculpture, Hongik university, master’s degree, Korea

    2000 Department of sculpture, art school, Hongik university, bachelor’s degree, Korea

    Solo exhibition

    2016 Arario gallery, Shanghai

    2015 Aario museum, Tapdong bike shop, Jeju

    2015 Okinawa contemporary art center, Okinawa

    2013 <Postmodern Times>, Hada contemporary, London

    2011 <Adore>, Aando fine art, Berlin

    Group exhibition

    2013 <Masspatterns>, Manmade Woo Young Mi, Seoul

    2011 <Fashion into Art>, Vogue Korea, Plateau, Seoul


    2013 Kim Sae Jung, Youth Architect prize

    2010 Dusan residency studio, New York

    2005 National Changdong studio, Seoul

    2001 Photo criticism prize