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Garden of Voyager

NO. Yeouido HAP18YF1002

Garden of Voyager Yoo Hwha Soo


Garden of Voyager, 20,000(W) × 8,000(D) × 500(H)mm, 2018
  • Yoo Hwha Soo
  • Education (Educational history)

    2005 Department of sculpture, Dongguk university, Korea

    Solo exhibition

    2013 <Outstanding thing>, Old house, Seoul

    2013 <Therefore straight & well-looking>, Space k, Seoul

    2011 <e- comfortable world>, qqooll pool, Hongeun art creativity center, Seoul

    Group exhibition

    2015 Chonggye Chugye athletic competition, Daelim market, Seoul

    2015 Songeun art competition, Songeun gallery, Seoul

    2015 <Infinity>, Space k, Gwacheon

    2014 <Seongbuk dowoon>, Onewwall, Seoul


    2017 Sichuan art academy, Tomorrow’s modern sculpture exhibition(내일의 현대조각상 전시), tomorrow’s artist prize

    2014~2015 Changdong creation studio

    2014 Industrial reserve army, project of Seoul foundation for arts and culture

    2013 New artist program of SeMA

    2012~ 2013 Gyeonggi creation center

    2010~2011 Chonggye creation studio gallery