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Dazzling Camouflage

NO. Yeouido HAP18YF4005

Dazzling Camouflage Choi Seong Gyun


Dazzling Camouflage, 2,400(W) x 10,000(D) x 3,000(H)mm, 2018
  • Choi Seong Gyun
  • Education (Educational history)

    2005 Department of design, Kaywon university of Art and Design, Korea

    Solo exhibition

    2018 <Functional reproduction> PSBR, Seoul

    2015 <Untalented light>, Incheon art platform, Incheon

    Group exhibition

    2017 <CR collective sensory labor 2>

    2017 <Sensory labor>, Gun Po Yongho Cave Festival

    2017 Union Art Fair

    2016 <APAP In-store Art Project>

    2016 Yum Museum Opening exhibition, Gun Po

    2015 <AR Towns>, Samjeong-dong Incineration plant, nonprofit exhibition space, Bucheon

    2015 <Neuron-Neuron>, Incheon art platform, Incheon

    2015 <Enfant Terrible>, Magnolia, Anyang

    2014 <Camoufjaqe>, Magnolia, Anyang


    2014 Stone and Water residence program